DNA Transcomp

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution Services for your Unique Needs

warehouseDNA Transcomp for the secure storage of your bulk materials and finished goods. Our strategically located warehouse facilities, situated in different parts of the US, offers secure, climate-controlled storage capabilities with large SKU capacity. Over 150,000 square feet is available for general product and food grade materials storage. Products are placed on shelves for pick and pack fulfillment program execution or stored in bulk in one of our 10,000 pallet locations. The facility is well-suited to support a wide range of fulfillment program requirements, including:

• Public and Contract Warehousing (Short or Long Term)
• Storage of Perishable and Non-Perishable Products
• Food Grade Warehousing
• Lot Control and Expiration Date Requirements
• Standard Size to Oversized Pallets


Our Warehousing Services Include:

Receiving and Inspection

DNA Transcomp recognizes that a smooth running supply chain begins with the accurate receipt and secure storage of products and materials. That’s why we employ a disciplined and meticulous receiving process that is supported by our internal systems and technology. The process includes the physical handling of products and materials; verification against the shipping manifest; prompt shelving in the appropriate storage area; and adjusting of inventory records in our system. DNA Transcomp also provides additional weigh counting of materials or inspection to ensure shipment integrity from suppliers.

Inventory Management

At DNA Transcomp, technology is the backbone of our inventory control operations. All customer materials we receive and store in our warehouse are accounted for in the DNA Transcomp Warehouse Management System. The system provides customers with real time access to information on inventory status, orders, and transactions; and offers robust reporting capabilities, providing you the data and intelligence to make decisions that will help you lower costs and streamline your fulfillment program.

Shipping Logistics
DNA Transcomp shipping department facilitates the picking, packing, manifesting, freight consolidation and tracking of all required shipments to specified destinations. Our logistics arm supports the shipment of customers’ products and materials through DNA Transcomp local transportation services and extensive carrier relationships.

For more information please see Services warehouse@dnatranscomp.com